Humanity and Disability

Humanity and Disability

when we talk about humanity, what does it actually mean? Humanity means the human condition or nature. Bringing humanity and disability doesn’t mean physical differentiation, we all are human and we should be able to see that everyone is equal in God’s sight. We...
A Courtesy visit to the Eze Uzu II of Awka

A Courtesy visit to the Clergy

Recently the board members of the Non-Profit Organization, CFFTD an Incorporated NGO had a brief meeting with the Clergy of the community (Obunagu Village), in Awka, Anambra state. Here are the pictures taken below

HAPPY NEW YEAR 01/01/2022

We made a huge celebration by opening the new year 2022 with the person’s living with disabilities. The people on the streets. CFFTD showed love again. 01/01/2022. Today CFFTD smiled with the person’s living with different Disabilities PLWDS+ You too can...